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Pace Technology Shield (Screenless GPS)

Using the latest technology integrated in the golf car, you can manage and control your fleet, while protecting your course and customers.

Standard Features

Features/ Benefits

  • Proactive Vehicle Service
  • Remote amp hour monitoring
  • Remote odometer monitoring
  • State of charge and charging history
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Fault history and alerting
  • Fleet utilization and rotation reports
  • Fleet Management & Geofencing
  • Vehicle travel history
  • Scheduled fleet lockdown
  • Geofencing and car shutdown
  • Geofence violation history
  • Pace of Play monitoring and management



  • Available over 36, 48 or 60 Month Terms
  • 48 Month Warranty
  • Local Training and Support
  • Dashboard Accessible on any device
  • E-Z-GO Owned and Backed Product
  • Can be Factory fitted or Retrofitted to existing fleets

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