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Strawberry Sundaes

"Dear Natalie,

Thank you 'berry' much for all of your assistance with this year's Strawberry Sundae stalls at EKKA. Through all of us working together, sales of the ever-popular sundaes have helped to power over 4,477 hours of medical reserch this year (The most ever!).

By Giving this previous time to reseachers, they can give more time to us and those we love to live happier, healthier, longer lives.

With the help of your valued support, we are able to move the produce around the EKKA Grounds quite easily with the Utility cart (which leaves more time for us to prepare and make those delicious sundaes!).

We look forward to working with you again next year to continue powering this life changing research. 

Kirsty and the Strawberry Sundae Team

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