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Vehicle Care - Some handy tips and tricks

Posted by Augusta Golf Cars on 17 July 2020
Vehicle Care - Some handy tips and tricks

Our Queensland Service Manager has put together a list of items that will be handy in keeping your vehicle in tip top shape.

Below are some products that we recommend using on different parts of your vehicle:

Valvoline Tectyl 506 Rust Preventative can be sprayed onto battery terminals and any other corrosive materials to create a oxygen free surface preventing corrosion from forming. Augusta uses this product at 6 month and 12 month service intervals and in most circumstances last 6-12months if the batteries are washed accordingly.


Septone - Vinyl Shine - can be applied generously onto all black surfaces and tires. If sprayed and left on it will create a shiny look. If sprayed and wiped it will leave a darker Matt finish. We recommend spraying and only wiping away the overspray that is on painted surfaces and wheels. You will need a general spray bottle to fill and apply.


Meguiars - Quick Detailer spray can be used on all the painted body surfaces. It is ideal because it does not 'whiten' the black body parts like other polishes/wax. It leaves a layer of protection that makes it easier to wash dirt off in the future. Spray and wipe with a cloth.

Vuplex Plastic Cleaner and Anti-Static Polish - an ideal product for Windscreens made from acrylic and All Weather Enclosures as the orange base prevents calcium build up common in irrigation and tap water. It also leaves a layer of protection making future cleaning easier. DO NOT USE any glass cleaning products as it will deteriorate the transparency of your windscreen.

Vinyl shine and Quick Detailer can be obtained from Supercheap and Vuplex is available from Bunnings/BCF.

For Lead acid battery operated carts it is recommended to wash the battery section of your cart every 4th round of golf or 20km. This will ensure any excess acid atop the batteries will be washed away from the terminals preventing corrosion build up. If there has been an excessive amount of acid that has visibly affected the terminals or the battery cage, bicarbonate soda mixed with water can be applied to neutralise the PH levels. Once this has been done regularly hosing is sufficient to prevent future damage.

At the same time, it is recommended to check the water levels inside the batteries. This is a visual check and does not mean a fill is necessary. The level of water should be a min of 10mm above the plates and maximum of touching the battery housing.
For Battery Filling Systems plug in the hose and wait for the flow indicator to stop spinning then unplug the hose straight away (this is not a sealed pressurised system, only a filling system)

USE ONLY demineralised water. Rain and filtered tap water still contains contamination particles.

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