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The Kings of Custom.

Posted by Augusta Golf Cars on 13 November 2020
The Kings of Custom.
Taking an ordinary golf vehicle and turning it into an extension of the owner has never been easier; Augusta Golf Cars have been making great advancements in golf vehicle customization for many of their private clients over the last few years.

2020 has seen a large increase in the desire for vehicles that are tailor made to suit the owner; from custom colour bodies to Apple car play audio systems and everything in-between, and Augusta Golf Cars have been at the forefront of innovation.

We take a look at some of the great things that are now available for vehicle customization.

Premium Body Wraps: From Carbon Fibre to colour changing chameleon wraps these are becoming increasingly more popular on private vehicles. The ability to have a colour outside the range of the manufactures standard colour options is truly a great way to customize a vehicle. This also works to protect the original body colour, which in turn helps to sustain the vehicles value over time.

Mag Wheels: Whilst not new to the industry, the increasing diversity in range and available options has seen this particular modification grow in popularity.

Audio Systems: A nice variety of systems have been available for quite some time, but the advent of Apple Car Play options with reverse cameras has become a bit of a new norm at the Augusta Golf Cars facility. Supplied with a microphone, asking SIRI to reply to texts or make calls for you has never been easier. Couple this with the ability to integrate high quality speakers and your golf vehicle could easily compete with your car.

Custom Seats: A comfortable ride is paramount to the enjoyment of your golf vehicle, so seats are a great way to add value and style. Available in high back or low back, and even different stitch designs and stitch colour options, custom seats are quickly becoming the new must have item.

Premium Steering Wheels: Another popular customization option that has grown over the years owing to the increase in available range  A steering wheel increases comfort, style and the value of the vehicle.

LED Headlights and Indicators:  LED Headlights are no longer only a premium road vehicle offering but available on Golf Vehicles too. Add a set of LED Indicators on your side mirrors and your vehicle will truly standout.

Other popular accessories include: Carbon Fibre Dash Plates and Glove Boxes, All Weather Enclosures, Dash Storage trays, Storage nets, Floor mats, Drinks Coolers, Club and Ball Washer, Cleat Cleaners, Rainbag covers, sand bottle kits and a myriad of other items that can increase your enjoyment of your vehicle.

Of course, it goes without saying that the vehicle under all these wonderful accessories is critical, so a reliable vehicle such as the E-Z-GO RXV or RXV ELiTE Lithium Ion which are tried, trusted and tested - go a long way in ensuring you are getting the best bang for your buck.

Visit www.ezgo.com.au or www.augustaparts.com.au for more info or Visit the Augusta Showroom and checkout the magic in person.

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