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The Buggy Shop Renew Dealer Agreement on Hamilton Island

Posted by Augusta Golf Cars on 26 November 2018
The Buggy Shop Renew Dealer Agreement on Hamilton Island

Augusta Golf Cars, master distributor for E-Z-GO, Cushman and Textron Offroad Vehicles in Australia and the Pacific Islands are pleased to announce that the Buggy Shop have renewed their Hamilton Island Commercial Trading Lisence with Hamilton Island Management; this coincides with the renewal of the Dealer agreement between Augusta Golf Cars and the Buggy Shop.

The E-Z-GO Presence on Hamilton Island has grown over the years and Augusta Golf Cars are committed to ensuring that there will always be an E-Z-GO presence on the island.

Raymond Georgiou, Managing Director of Augusta Golf Cars, said that The Buggy Shop had done the E-Z-GO brand proud over the years and he was exited about the future of the brand on the island.

Mr Georgiou said "The Buggy Shop will continue to sell, service and support E-Z-GO vehicles on the island for years to come."

"It is important to us to ensure that our Hamilton Island Clients are always well looked after with the best products and service available.

"Our commitment to having a dealer presence on the island to sell, service and support goes a long way in ensuring that our existing clients and any potential clients feel at ease about our ability to support them long after they have purchased one of our vehicles."

If you are interested in finding out more about how the Buggy Shop can help you with your light transportation needs on Hamilton Island be sure to get in touch with Trevor Hewitt via admin@thebuggyshop.com.au

The Buggy Shop

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