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Oxley Take Delivery of their New ELiTE's

Posted by Augusta Golf Cars on 28 June 2019
Oxley Take Delivery of their New ELiTE's

Congratulations to Oxley Golf Club on the new E-Z-GO RXV ELiTE Lithium vehicles.

Oxley GC took delivery of the new Forest Green ELiTE Lithium Vehicles last week and will have no doubt already started enjoying the benefits.

A 25% reduction in turf compaction will be a huge benefit in the wet months.

Couple this with the reduction in power used from the wall to recharge the fleet, the increased efficiency, longer run times and quicker re-charge times - and you can see why more and more clubs are getting into ELiTE Lithium Vehicles.

Over and above the ELiTE Lithium benefits, Oxley will now enjoy the best in Fleet Management too, with the TFM 10 Ex system installed in the vehicles.

  • Real-time locations of all tracked vehicles
  • Vehicle travel history
  • Advanced Geofencing and warnings for violations and pace
  • 2-way and automatic messaging
  • Automatic vehicle lock-down when cars enter forbidden zones, or leave the geo-fence
  • Scheduled and manual vehicle lockdown
  • Real-time pace of play monitoring and management
  • Customizable pace schedules
  • Pace of play and vehicle utilization reporting
  • Multi-media advertising
  • Food and Beverage Ordering

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Lithium Fun, Fast Facts - Did you Know:

Over the past 12 months - 86% of E-Z-GO Fleet Vehicle Sales are ELiTE Lithium.
ELiTE Lithium Vehicles use 0.68kWhr per Round VS Competitor Lithiums who use 1.18kWhr per Round.
Courses using ELiTE Lithium Vehicles enjoy 25% less Turf Compaction.
Over 2000 ELiTE Lithium Vehicles have been sold in Australia.

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