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Lithium Fast, Fun, Facts

Posted by Augusta Golf Cars on 5 July 2019
Lithium Fast, Fun, Facts

Looking at the Golf Vehicle industry in Australia over the past two years, the easiest way to sum it all up would be using the famous words of Bob Dylan "The Times they are a changing". And whilst change is often a slow process, E-Z-GO and their Australian National Distributor Augusta Golf Cars, have proven to be the catalyst in a huge move forward for the industry.

The Shift toward Lithium powered vehicles has been one that has been embraced by Fleet, Private and Commercial vehicle owners Australia Wide. Golf Courses of all shapes and sizes are experiencing the benefits exhibited in these vehicles; with Private and Commercial clients following suit.

The landscape of the industry has been shaped by E-Z-GO listening to the needs of their clients and delivering with a range of vehicles that has exceeded expectations; coupled with Augusta Golf Cars delivering on the promise of providing the back up service and support fitting of these products.

Clients are experiencing: Quicker Recharge Times, Longer Run Times, Zero Maintenance on the Batteries, less turf compaction (vehicle effect on turf owing to weight reduction) and peace of mind that their batteries are covered by a 5-year unlimited amp hour warranty.

These benefits can be enjoyed in the E-Z-GO TXT range, E-Z-GO RXV range and Cushman Hauler 800 Range.

But Augusta Golf Cars' pursuit of providing the best experience does not stop at the delivery of the vehicle. Augusta Golf Cars have a service, warranty and technical department that are not only friendly but very knowledgeable. AGC also offer a wide variety of OEM and aftermarket parts and accessories to suit the E-Z-GO brand of vehicles, as well as other popular brands.

www.shopezgo.com.au is the one stop shop for everything E-Z-GO whilst www.augustaparts.com.au has been designed to cater for those looking for Aftermarket parts for vehicles outside of the E-Z-GO Range.

So, whilst the times continue to change, consider this wouldn't you prefer to be in the hands of industry leaders with new technology ?


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