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Exciting times on Hamilton Island with a momentum shift towards ELiTE Lithium vehicles.

Posted by Augusta Golf Cars on 26 November 2018
Exciting times on Hamilton Island with a momentum shift towards ELiTE Lithium vehicles.

It comes as no surprise to Augusta Golf Cars, that we have seen a positive shift in momentum towards ELiTE Lithium Ion Vehicles on Hamilton Island, afterall - these vehicles fit the brief perfectly on what is required from a light transportation vehicle on the island.

The Energy Consumption required when recharging E-Z-GO ELiTE Lithium Ion vehicles is substantially less than a typical Lead Acid Vehicle - and with energy prices on Hamilton Island significantly higher than most of Australia it is easy to see why the benefit of having a vehicle that uses less power from the wall is so important. The average cost per Kilowatt on the Island is nearly double that of the cost on Mainland Australia.

Trevor Hewitt from the Buggy Shop said that All owners of the EZGO RXV HI Elite vehicles are reporting significantly shorter charge times and at 59 cents per Kilowatt/hour for Hamilton Island electricity, this equates to huge savings over the long term.

Mr Hewitt went on to say that "Clients are also reporting massive increases in drive time, some of them charging only twice a week even on our severe terrain"

"Other brands are known to use between 1 & 3 litres of Demineralized water per week meaning they have to top up weekly. With the reliability of the Refresh RXV and the savings, not only in power used but also time for servicing, the Lithium batteries will pay for themselves very quickly."

"The greatly reduced weight will also save the drive train loadings meaning parts will not wear as fast."

Mr Hewitt went on to draw our attention to an intersting comparison for Hamilton island vehicles:

A Competitor DC Electric Lead Acid Hamilton Island Spec Vehicle after normal discharge will take between 6 & 8 hours to charge @ 59 cents/kilowatt/hour

The cost of which equates to between $3.54 and $4.72 per night, which over a year long period this equates to between $1292.10 and $1722.80

The RXV HI Elite Vehicle with the same degree of discharge would take a maximum 2 hours to fully recharge @ 59 cents/kilowatt/hour

The Cost of which is $1.18 per night, or $430.70 per year

"This comparison has been made with the 2 brands travelling the same distance with the same load, Factor in that a Lithium Vehicle will travel up to 4 times the distance of its nearest competitor Hamilton Island Spec vehicle, the RXV HI ELiTE is a no brainer."

If you are interested in finding out how our vehicles can reduce the your total cost of ownership - we would be more than happy to provide you with any info you may require.

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