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ELiTE Lithiums continue to fly out the door in WA

Posted by Augusta Golf Cars on 5 July 2019
ELiTE Lithiums continue to fly out the door in WA

Augusta Golf Cars would like to congratulate Mount Lawley Golf Club on the New E-Z-GO ELiTE Lithium Vehicles.

Golf Car World - State Distributor for E-Z-GO, Cushman, TFM and Textron Offroad delivered the vehicles to Mount Lawley and as per usual, we have no doubt that these vehicles will serve the Club very well.

Jay Wilhelm from Golf Car World Said "Thank you to Troy O'Hern, Peter Maidment and the board for your continued support. MLGC were one of the first courses in WA to take the ELiTE lithium RXV and have now completed the transition of all their fleet carts across to this amazing model."

These are some of the ELiTE Lithium Benefits the Club will have already been enjoying.

  • Zero Battery Maintenance
  • Unlimited Amp hour warranty
  • Less turf compaction
  • Reduced Electricity Bills
  • Longer Run time
  • Quicker Recharge time



Lithium Fun, Fast Facts - Did you Know:

  • Over the past 12 months - 86% of E-Z-GO Fleet Vehicle Sales are ELiTE Lithium.
  • ELiTE Lithium Vehicles use 0.68kWhr per Round VS Competitor Lithiums who use 1.18kWhr per Round.
  • Courses using ELiTE Lithium Vehicles enjoy 25% less Turf Compaction.
  • Over 2000 ELiTE Lithium Vehicles have been sold in Australia.
  • E-Z-GO ELiTE Lithium Ion vehicles are tried and tested. Over 5 years Research and Development went into creating the ELiTE battery packs prior to release.
  • ELiTE Lithium Ion Vehicles come with an unlimited amp hour Warranty and are guaranteed to get 2 rounds per day over 5 years.
  • ELiTE Lithium Ion Vehicles are not only more cost effective than Petrol vehicles, they are significantly better for the environment.

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