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An E-Z-GO ELiTE Story for you , by you

Posted by Augusta Golf Cars on 19 September 2019
An E-Z-GO ELiTE Story for you , by you

Augusta Golf Cars are proud to show you some of the feedback we have received from the Field with regards to our ELiTE Lithium vehicles. Whilst we can, and will, continue to talk about just how great the ELiTE Lithium Vehicles we recognize that our readers want some honest feedback from the Clubs that are already running Lithium vehicles, so here it is:

" The ezgo carts have been extremely well received by the members and guest. The braking system is very popular and obviously has safety benefits as well. For me, as someone who has been around golf carts for over 40 years the TFM GPS system is second to none and works hand in hand with our other partners such as Golf Genius Software allowing us to provide the next level experience to members and corporates."

Glenn Phillips, General Manager | Concord Golf Club

" We have been using the new Ezgo ELiTE Lithium golf cars for almost a year now and we couldn't be happier. The biggest advantage we have found with this car is they require almost zero maintenance from my staff. We have a large fleet of carts and keeping the old-style batteries topped up all the time required staff to stick to a maintenance schedule which is sometimes difficult to do. So far, we have had zero break downs on course and the fact that the carts can easily do 36 holes is also a great advantage.".

Kieran McLaughlin, General Manager | Heritage Golf and Country Club

" The new EZGO Elite Lithium Cart is by far the best I have ever driven and more importantly had as a club fleet. After having 8 fleets of carts in the last 32 years if there is a better cart out there I haven't seen it. I welcome anyone to come to Surfers Paradise Golf Club And drive the EZGO Elite Lithium and see the difference."

Paul Orchard, General Manager | Surfers Paradise Golf Club

"Monash Country Club has had the EZGO lithium carts in operation for almost 2 years. We have just ordered another 15 to complement our fleet. They have performed beyond our expectation and we easily get 36 holes out of the one charge. The short charging time and automatic braking feature were huge reasons why we made the change. Thanks Ian!"

John Harrison, General Manager | Monash Country Club

"Woodlands Golf Club have utilised the services of Augusta Golf Cars for many years. During this time, the Club has found the service and products to be of the highest quality at all times. The Club is very impressed with its fleet of E-Z-GO ELiTE Lithium cars which have now been in use for 2 years. During this time there has been no issues at all operationally and wear and tear on the golf course is minimised due to the cars being some 130kg lighter. Woodlands looks forward to a continued business relationship with Augusta for many years to come."

Richard Tullberg, General Manager | Woodlands Golf Club

" The Howlong Golf Resort could not be happier with the service provided by Augusta Golf Carts when purchasing our new fleet of E-Z-GO ELiTE Lithium carts. When you couple the strong performance of the new E-Z-GO ELiTE Lithium carts with the fact they are virtually maintenance free, it makes compelling case to move away from petrol or the old lead battery carts."

Dee Healey, General Manager | Howlong Golf Resort

"We have always relied on Augusta Golf Cars to provide our fleet at Southern. In our opinion, EZ-GO carts are the best quality golf cart on the market and Augusta back this up with quality service, support and pricing. The recent introduction of lithium batteries has only improved their carts. It was cut down on the amount of maintenance and we can get at least 36 holes out of each charge without fear of the batteries running low or flat. I would highly recommend lithium batteries to any potential buyer."

Brad Robb, General Manager | Southern Golf Club

"Over 12 months ago we received delivery of 4 Lithium carts from EZGO. Due to the new technology we were a little sceptical of battery performance , but with our carts regularly doing 36 holes there has been no issues. Over that time our members have enjoyed using them. They are very efficient for our staff to maintain and reliable with excellent battery performance. Recently we changed our entire fleet to lithium carts and haven't looked back. I would recommend any golf club operators to move across to the new carts your golfers and staff will not be disappointed and you will see a positive result on your bottom line profits. Some features like the USB charger are also a must."

Brett Scothern, General Manager | Medway Golf Club

" The Mount Isa Golf Club decided to upgrade to the new E-Z-GO RXV Elite golf cars almost a year ago. Being a one person run Golf Club having the Lithium battery has reduced the time spent on maintenance, the cars get 3 to 4 rounds of 18 holes allowing us to service the needs of our players especially on a busy day and the charging time to fully charge these cars is quick saving on power and time. The new cars are a bit higher off the ground which suits the environment of our course here in the outback, and they have come at a very affordable price for our club. Overall, we are very happy with the new Elite car and so are our members."

Margie McDonald, General Manager | Mt Isa Golf Club

" Dear Darren, I write to you today on behalf of the management committee of the Atherton Golf Club to express our satisfaction with the E-Z-GO RXV ELiTE Golf Carts. These carts have been in use at our club since August 2018. Their popularity with both members and visitors is phenomenal. Their Smoot ride, exceptional performance and ability to handle our sections of steeper terrain make them the most popular cart in our fleet. Their Charge time comparted with our carts carrying Lead Acid Batteries makes them the most attractive when comparing cost to operate expenses. We have had no mechanical problems, in fact no problems at all. We would have no hesitation in recommending this product to other clubs and are only too happy for Club officials or management to contact us with regard to this E-Z-GO Cart"

Bill Denmark, Treasurer | Atherton Golf Club

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