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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few Frequently asked questions that may help you with your vehicle. If you have any question that is not covered, be sure to get in touch via Q: What are some ways to get optimum performance out of my batteries? A: The best places to find information about battery care and maintenance, charging and troubleshoo...

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Augusta Golf Cars Victoria Golf Car Fleet Seminar

Caring for your Fleet. VIC Seminar invitation  Spring is nearly here and hopefully your fleet of golf cars have safely made it through the Victorian Winter. As the playing numbers are now increasing, so is the use of the fleet  cars. Understanding what is required  to  run  a  fleet  successfully&nbs...

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Proper Care Of Your Investment

Washing and Cleaning. It is important that proper techniques and cleaning materials be used for the best results. Using excessive water pressure may cause damage to the seals, plastics, seat material, body finish or electrical system. Do not use pressure in excess of 700psi to wash the exterior of your golf car or damage to the clear coat...

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Technical Tip: Battery Care

Battery Watering Flooded batteries need water. More importantly, watering must be done at the right time and the right amount of water must be added.
Water should always be added after fully charging the battery. Prior to charging ensure that there is enough water to cover the plates. Batteries should be checked at least once a fortnigh...

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