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Installing Seat Covers on your E-Z-GO

EZGO seat covers will give your vehicle a new look and feel that stands out in the crowd. We offer a wide assortment of seating options for your golf cart. Built to last & easy to install!

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Installing Fender Flares on your E-Z-GO

Use EZGO Fender Flares for your 1996-current E-Z-GO Gas & Electric TXT! Add a sharp look to your golf cart and protect golf cart and tires from mud, rocks and other debris. The hardware is included.

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Correctly attaching E-Z-GO RXV's with a permanent tow bar

Augusta Golf Cars have put together this video to ensure that clients are using the E-Z-GO RXV permanent tow bar in the correct manner.

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E-Z-GO Bushing for Leaf Spring

Keep your golf cart suspension in top form with E-Z-GO Leaf Spring Bushings. Quality bushings help to limit vibrations from the axle and the chassis and over time they can become cracked or loosened and timely replacement is essential to the safe operation of your vehicle's suspension.

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E-Z-GO Under Seat Locking Storage Tray

The Under Seat Locking Storage Tray is a convenient way to add additional storage space to your golf cart. This storage tray is compartmentalized and features a center lock that allows you to securely store items.

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How to correctly use the Food warmer on the Oasis Refresher Vehicle

The Oasis Refresher vehicle is the ultimate food and beverage vehicle. It features a gas food warmer, cold storage well, cash box and dry storage boxes, as well as twin waste bins. Using the Food warmer is easy; following these steps ensures that the vehicle is operating as intended.

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How to replace the Steering Rack Boot on an E-Z-GO RXV

This video will help you change a steering rack boot in no time. The process is easy and with the correct tools should not take longer than half and hour.

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How to Replace a Park Brake on an E-Z-GO RXV

Replacing the Park Brake is not as difficult as it sounds.

Follow the instructions of the video and keep a copy of the RXV repair and service manual nearby.

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Tyre Repair Kit

This tubeless tire repair kit is a valuable tool to keep in golf car at all times. It is used to provide a quick and efficient repair to vehicle tires during unforeseen tire punctures. This kit is compatible with several brands including: Club Car, Columbia, Harley Davidson, Yamaha.

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E-Z-GO Tune up Kit

Keeping your vehicle fine-tuned with regularly scheduled tune-ups is essential in maintaining the optimum performance of your vehicle over time. This Tune-Up Kit provides you with everything you need to keep your vehicle performing at its best. This Video shows Tune-Up Maintenance for both Kawasakie & Fuji Engines.

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The E-Z-GO Universal Electronic docking Station

The E-Z-GO universal electronic docking station is an ideal item for docking your MP3 player, cell phone, navigational device & more while you're riding in your golf cart. This docking station securely holds your electronic device with expandable side grips and is easily mounted  by a suction cup base to the vehicle's dash, windshield, cup holder- or just about any surface!

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Install an E-Z-GO Rear Flip Seat Kit

The genuine parts and accessories shown in this video are available at Augusta Golf Cars. This video demonstrates the installation procedures for a rear flip seat kit available for 1994-current E-Z-GO gas and electric TXT & Medalist model.

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Install an E-Z-GO Windshield

Add a Windshield to your E-Z-GO for added weather protection and increased comfort to vehicle occupants. Provides an excellent shield from weather conditions and allows air-flow through the fold-down windshield. Windshields are easy to install and simply complete the ideal appearence for your vehicle.

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Install and E-Z-GO Lift Kit

One of the easiest ways to customize your vehicle is by adding a lift kit. It provides simple customization for the owner. A lift kit adds ground clearence which allows the owner a larger variety of tire and wheels. Not to mention, a lift kit makes your vehicle visually appealing.

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Install a Forward, Neutral and reverse Handle

The E-Z-GO Forward, Neutral & Reverse Handle is used on 1996-current E-Z-GO Models that operate with a mechanical direction selector. This part is used to replace any existing FNR handle on your vehicle. The installation is easy and simple. This handle will provide your golf cart with the provided functions to put your cart in forward, reverse, or neutral.

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Install an ignition switch for an E-Z-GO

The ignition switch on a golf cart is clearly an essential part of a golf cart since it is the catalyst that results in the golf cart starting-up. This specific ignition switch is a universal item that will fit most E-Z-GO golf carts without headlights. This switch also includes two keys.

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Installing a DC to DC converter for your E-Z-GO

This DC to DC Converter Kit eliminates inefficient battery taps for high voltage accessories and provides protection from short circuiting, overload, and reverse polarity. This kit is useful for any golf cart and will provide your vehicle with operational efficency.

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Install a brake shoe on your E-Z-GO

The brake shoe is an integral part of the mechanical braking system that brings your golf car to a stop. This brake shoe is used to replace any existing brake shoe for safety and maintenance purposes while contributing to the optimum performance of your vehicle's braking system.

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E-Z-GO Brake Drum installation

The vehicle's brake drums are an important part of maintaining the safe braking ability of the vehicle and should be replaced in a timely manner. This video demonstrates how to maintain the vehicle's Brake Drum by showing how to adequately & safely replace it.

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Install an E-Z-GO Black out kit

Dress your golf cart in style! The E-Z-GO Black-Out Build Package will turn your golf cart into a force to be reckoned with on the road. The kit consists of a front brushguard, rear bumper, Diamond-plate kick plate, Diamond rocker sill, and a Nerf Bar kit. You will add both good looks and protection to your golf cart with this build package.

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How to Connect your battery filling system

Battery Maintenance can now be faster and safer with the system connectors used with the Battery Filling System. This system is ideal for owner's who like to efficietnly water batteries. This video shows how these connectors are a primary component and an effective, hassle-free method of servicing your vehicle batteries.

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Install an 80 inch Top kit on your E-Z-GO

Featured in this video is an 80 inch top kit which can be purchased through your local dealer. Tops are ideal for all golf cart vehicles as it allows passengers a comfortable ride and extended outdoor exposure. Typically 80 inch tops are utilized with 4-passenger vehicles and the 54 inch top is more common on 2-passenger vehicles.

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Installing an E-Z-GO 5-Panel mirror

This multi-paneled mirror is an extremely vital asset. It offers an increased rear visability much more than the standard rear-view mirrors. The increased visability expands your range of view to what's behind your vehicle, thus adding to a safer ride.

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The E-Z-GO 4-gauge battery wires

Battery wires must be routinely maintained on electric vehicles to ensure proper battery output is supplied to the Motor Controller. Battery wires will deteriorate over time due to terminal corrosion, wire corrosion, and heat buildup as a result of continuous usage. The 4-Gauge battery wires are used to increase the vehicle's current carrying capacity and also enhance the vehicle's performance.

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