Yeppoon Join the Clan

Written on the 2 November 2017

Follow the Great Barrier Reef south and you'll find the scenic town of Yeppoon. With a population of only 13,500 people and with over 150 kilometres of pristine beach surrounding the town, it is one of Australia's gems.

The Yeppoon Golf Club is a 43 year old course that is well liked by locals and visitors alike.

Yeppoon Golf Club recently joined the fraternity of Golf Clubs using the E-Z-GO RXV. The club which is situated 38 kilometres east of Rockhampton took delivery of 5 E-Z-GO RXV's to replace 5 of the course's obsolete Club Cars.

Jason Mulligan, former Lakes Entrance pro and newly appointed Yeppoon Club Pro said that E-Z-GO ticked all the boxes.

Mr Mulligan said "I have had a previous 5 year relationship with the Augusta Golf Cars and I could not fault them,"

"They provide quality vehicles, are well priced and offer great services all round,"

"I sum up the RXV with four S's. They are Stylish, Smooth, Silent and Strong. When you park it next to any car you immediately notice that the E-Z-GO RXV is a lot more solid, get in it and you quickly notice how strong yet silent it is."

Since using the vehicles Yeppoon Golf Club have expressed interest in growing the numbers of E-Z-GO's that the course uses, hoping to phase out the older vehicles previously used.

Jason Mulligan said that the vehicles are very popular with the members.

"We have members coming in asking specifically to use one of the RXV's."

Although not the longest and certainly not the hilliest course, Yeppoon Golf Club experiences an extremely hot climate, meaning the vehicles work fairly hard getting around.

For more information on this well situated course visit

If you are interested in what the E-Z-GO RXV can do for your course contact Augusta Golf Cars on 0738078895.

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