The New 72 Volt Cushman Hauler: The range and power to make anything easy

Written on the 1 October 2013 by Augusta Golf Cars

Augusta Golf Cars are proud to introduce the next evolution in turf utility vehicles.

A fully electric Cushman Hauler with a 72-volt AC drivetrain that provides the range and power once exclusive to petrol-powered vehicles in a silent, zero-emissions vehicle. 

The new Hauler features a 72-volt AC electric drivetrain, upgraded from more traditional 48-volt systems, that offers up to 80 kilomters of range between charges. The patented AC Drive technology also ensures that the Hauler maintains consistent power and performance from the first pre-dawn chores to the last light of dusk, without disturbing golfers or adjacent homeowners with the noisy drone of a gas engine.

The AC Drive technology is up to 25 percent more energy-efficient than DC technology, and also provides for unique features such as regenerative braking that recharges the batteries whenever the vehicle's brakes are applied and also speed control to maintain constant speeds up and down steep slopes.

The limited-slip differential (Which Augusta Golf Cars provide as a Standard feature) provides for greatly improved traction on wet or loose turf, while helping to protect turf from damage due to wheel slippage.

"This new Cushman Hauler finally gives golf-course operators and superintendents a quiet, green utility vehicle that provides ample range and power for the longest, toughest day's work without annoying golfers," said Michael R. Parkhurst, vice president, for E-Z-GO, which designs and manufactures Cushman utility vehicles.

"Cushman has a long history of innovation in utility-vehicle technology, and the 72-volt Hauler continues and upholds that tradition."

The Hauler will feature a maximum load capacity of 1,000 pounds and come standard with a 9.5-cubic-foot cargo bed. A 14.9-cubic-foot aluminum cargo bed will be available as an optional extra for facilities that require more cargo space.

The new Hauler will be available in within the next month or two.

Author: Augusta Golf Cars

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