The E-Z-GO RXV: Still reigning supreme

Since its inception, the E-Z-GO RXV has been at the forefront of quality golfing vehicles.

This vehicle has gained distinction among golfing facilities and their clients, and has over its four year tenure, become the envy of many golf vehicle manufacturers.

The RXV has shown its worth as a safe, economical, reliable and enjoyable vehicle to drive.

The RXV is the only vehicle on the market that features an automatic parking brake. This has revolutionized the golf vehicle industry; as players no longer have to concern themselves with applying a park brake.

PGA Golf Professional, Tom Kelly said “It really gives you a peace of mind that you won’t have to pull a golf cart out of a lake or have it roll into a rock outcrop.”

Other clients have expressed their delight at the RXV’s ability to go more than one round of golf.

Joe Fulco, General Manager of Cattail Creek Country Club, said that these vehicles will go out for two rounds of golf on the weekend and still have a charge.

This factor not only makes the E-Z-GO RXV efficient whilst on the course, but it is saving money whilst charging off the course.

Jimmy Green, Director of Golf at Moore’s Mill Club, has stated that these vehicles work out cheaper than most in the long run.

Green said “When you start factoring all the advantages of having a golf cart and actually the energy saving part of that golf car, it [the RXV] actually is a bit cheaper”

Dan Braswell, Senior Golf Pro at Blackhawk Country Club, also said that in the long run, the E-Z-GO RXV was a much better savings for the club.

“The product itself is a better product in my opinion” said Braswell.

Kyle Evans, President of Belgrade Golf Club, said that it is a no brainer.

Evans said “Using any other cart would be like taking a step back in time.”

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