Perfect Pair: Augusta Golf Cars and the J Kevi Group

Written on the 2 November 2017

Augusta Golf Cars and the J Kevi Group have built a powerful partnership and have successfully launched the new range of E-Z-GO vehicles on the island of Fiji.

The J Kevi Group, based in the city of Nadi, is the country's leading distributor of golf cars and is ideally suited to cater for the country's growing demand.

The Group, which had humble beginnings as a refrigeration service company, has grown exponentially over its twenty-five year tenure and is the only Land Transport Authority (LTA) accredited golf car business on the island.

The J Kevi Group, previously a dealer for Club Car, became the dealer for the E-Z-GO and Cushman brand in Fiji following the markets demand for more innovative and stylish vehicles.

In a recent article featured in the Fiji Sun newspaper, Chief executive officer of the J Kevi Group, Narendra Reddy said that the Group has been in the golf industry for the past 21 years and he is extremely pleased with E-Z-GO's new range.

Mr Reddy said in the article that E-Z-GO is a top-notch brand widely used by golf courses throughout the industry and the positive feedback from golfers was an encouraging sign of their popularity.

"E-Z-GO produces great quality vehicles. We are marketing the E-Z-GO and Cushman brand vigorously and are pleased with the new product line," Mr Reddy Said.

Managing Director of Augusta Golf Cars, Raymond Georgiou said that the J Kevi Group is the ideal dealer for the E-Z-GO and Cushman brand in Fiji.

"The J Kevi Group is the only company in Fiji that can offer a full range of services for users of any golfing vehicle," Mr Georgiou said.

"The Group have the necessary resources to cater for the golf car market on the island."

"They have warehouses and storage areas and are well stocked; they have proper repair facilities with specialised equipment and tools; and they have workshops with qualified mechanics."

"We are very excited about the association and we believe this will restore E-Z-GO's position as the premium brand of golf car in Fiji."

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