Keeping Golf Fun with Multi Coloured Fleets

Written on the 13 June 2014 by Augusta Golf Cars

Sefton Golf Course in Sydney will take delivery of a multi coloured fleet of E-Z-GO RXV vehicles. The club, which has for quite some time used a range of different coloured vehicles, is among a growing trend in the region.

Sefton Golf Course, Wagga City Golf Club, Murrumbidgee Country Club and Georges River Golf Course have all opted to use multi coloured fleets.

Seftons New Fleet Colours

Sefton which is a Par 54, 18 hole course is well known for being fun yet challenging. The Course chose to stick with a multi coloured fleet saying that their clients enjoy choosing a special coloured vehicle.

Among the colours Sefton Chose for their fleet are: Sunburnt Orange, Almond, Patriot Blue and Inferno Red.

Sefton Golf Club are not the first to advise that their clients enjoy choosing different coloured vehicles for their round.

Wagga City Golf Club have also indicated that their clients enjoy the idea of choosing a vehicle colour before heading out onto the course.

Scott Lennox, Manager of Wagga City Golf Club said "It's interesting to see regular golfers who normally walk come and ask for a coloured cart."

"The golf course certainly feels more alive with the new carts and colour scheme."

Wagga City Golf Course

If you are interested in Spicing up your course with a bit more colour, be sure to get in touch with one of our Sale representatives via

Author: Augusta Golf Cars

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