Hauler Pro: Hope Island Links share their experience

Written on the 13 June 2014 by Augusta Golf Cars

Augusta Golf Cars recently supplied Hope Island Links with a 72 volt Cushman Hauler Pro utility vehicle to be used by the courses turf and maintenance team.

The fully electric 72 volt vehicle provides both additional power and range. The combination of the two makes it perfect for the course.

The AC Drive technology is up to 25 percent more energy-efficient than DC technology, and also provides for unique features such as regenerative braking that recharges the batteries whenever the vehicle's brakes are applied and also speed control to maintain constant speeds up and down steep slopes.

The limited-slip differential (Which Augusta Golf Cars provide as a Standard feature) provides for greatly improved traction on wet or loose turf, while helping to protect turf from damage due to wheel slippage.

Danny Foott, Superintendent of Hope Island Links said that the he was pleased with the vehicles performance.

Mr Foott Said "The vehicle runs all day and does not have any problems pulling loads,"

"We pull a 500 kg electric roller with it all morning and then use the buggy afterwards, so 8 hours in a day is not a problem for it."

"We previously had petrol vehicles which obviously lasted as long, but this is a lot quieter and more efficient; you can work around golfers a lot easier,"

"You can sneak up on them and pass them and often they don't even know"

"It has plenty of pulling power and it is a good size you don't need to pull off to let other vehicles through."


Find out more by clicking here

The Hauler Pro will be on exhibition at the Turfgrass Conference - June 22 - June 27. Click here for more info

Author: Augusta Golf Cars

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