Golf Cart World is stretching the boundaries again

Written on the 2 November 2017

Golf Cart World, New South Wales sub dealer for Augusta Golf Cars, are once again producing some of the most innovative custom work on E-Z-GO vehicles.

Golf Cart World, the same company that supplied Grant Denyer with his modified E-Z-GO RXV used for traversing the Nullarbor Plains (1380 Kilometres), have created another unique E-Z-GO RXV.

This time Golf Cart World has supplied a client with a vehicle that has been stretched by 310 mm.

The client, a gentleman who is 6'12" and unable to bend his long legs due to artificial knee and hip replacements on both of his legs, approached the E-Z-GO sub-dealer to take on the task.

Mr David Smith, Manager of Golf Cart World, said that the man was insistent that he be able to continue playing golf.

"The poor guy insisted on wanting to continue his golf but just could not bend his knees to operate the golf cart," Mr Smith said.

"He asked the question about whether it was possible to stretch his RXV and as usual, with custom work, I said sure."

"We also modified his trailer,"

"He says he is very pleased with the work we did and he is back out on the course again."

If you would like more info go to or call them directly on 02 9939 5959.

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