Going PRE-O: Sorting Fact from Fiction

Written on the 13 June 2014 by Augusta Golf Cars

Getting Bang for your Buck these days is a difficult feat with the increase of non-premium brand vehicles flooding the market, it is often very difficult to wade through the vehicles that will serve you well and the vehicles that will leave you with much to be desired.

We had seen it often enough to realize that a remedy was needed; Unfortunate customers choosing to buy cheaper, non-premium brand vehicles that simply can't keep up in performance and overall quality.

It was with this in mind the Augusta Golf Cars decided to offer the best vehicle on the market at more affordable prices.

RXV PRE-O is a great way to get into a quality vehicle without paying the full price.

RXV PRE-O's are fully reconditioned and include features like:

48v Delta Q Charger
Top Assembly (Black, Stone Beige or Oyster)
New Batteries
New Seat Covers
New Windscreen
New Front & Rear Bodies
Pin Striping
New 8" steel Rims and Tyres with Metallic Gold Wheel Covers
Esky, Rear Rain Bag Cover (Black, Stone Beige or Oyster)
Sand Bottle.

The PRE-O S model includes:

DC Converter
Head Tail & Brake Lights
Turn Signals
Personalised Ignition

And the PRE-O SS includes the following features:

Mag Wheels (10" or 12")
Fender Flares,
Lockable Glove Boxes (Carbon Fibre, Dark Woodgrain or Black)
Club & Ball Washer
Rubber Floormat,
Storage Net
Passenger Scorecard Holder

The PRE-O vehicles are equipped with E-Z-GO's famous AC parking brake system, making them market leaders in safety, energy efficiency as well as hill climbing capabilities.

And if the impressive features were not enough, the vehicle comes with a 12 month bumper to bumper warranty.

So if you are interested in Quality vehicles from a manufacturer (E-Z-GO) that has 60 years in the industry and has pioneered the way we travel on the course and in the neighbourhood, be sure to get in touch with Augusta Golf Cars via www.ezgo.com.au

Author: Augusta Golf Cars

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