Game Changing Battery Technology in the Golf Vehicle Industry

Written on the 9 June 2017 by Augusta Golf Cars

The Golf Vehicle industry is set to see an unprecedented change brought about by huge advancements in battery technology. E-Z-GO and Augusta Golf Cars are bringing innovation to the market with the release of the new Lithium Ion "ELiTE" and Lead Crystal Technology powered vehicles. In both cases an industry first 5 Year unlimited Amp hour Warranty is provided with a further guarantee that 2 rounds of Golf can be enjoyed every single day for those 5 years.

E-Z-GO ELiTE Series Vehicles

Lithium-ion is a proven technology that has been in use for many decades.

Up until recently Lithium-ion was most well-known for use in the cellular telephone industry, however more recently companies like Tesla have been using this form of power in motor vehicles.

E-Z-GO, the industry leader in Electric Golf and Utility vehicle design, partnered with Samsung SDI in an effort to develop a Lithium-ion golf vehicle that would change the game.


Research and development took place over a period of 5 years and after countless trials and thousands of rounds of golf the E-Z-GO "ELiTE" is here and are ready to change the game.

The battery pack is available in a 60Ah, 90Ah or a 120Ah configuration, with the 60Ah packs suitable for almost all Golf Courses. Choosing a suitable pack for the application will depend on the range and terrain.

The packs offer:

Cost Saving Efficiency The RXV Elite is up to 59% more efficient that competitor vehicles resulting in major savings on power bills.

Zero Maintenance - Unlike lead acid batteries, lithium batteries require no watering, terminal cleaning, post checks, tightening or associated maintenance. This also saves huge amount of time and money.

5 Year, Unlimited Amp Hour Warranty - ELiTE Series vehicles are backed by an industry-leading 5 year, unlimited amp hour warranty, thereby avoiding costly battery replacements, amp hour limits and warranty disputes.

BMS - ELiTE Series vehicles are equipped with a Battery Management System (BMS). The BMS controls the temperature, state of charge and efficiency of the batteries capturing required diagnostic and performance information for improved safety and efficiency.

Consistent Performance - Over time lead acid batteries slowly degrade which affects the power and speed of the vehicle. Lithium batteries degrade very little offering customer's extremely reliable vehicles that will deliver consistent performance for the full 5 year period and beyond.

Reduced Turf Compaction - At only 15% of the weight of traditional lead acid batteries, Lithium technology helps protect the Golf Course Turf from costly repairs.

ECO Friendly - ELiTE series vehicles operate with zero-emissions, less energy and a longer lifespan, which means a shorter time in the recycling process, helping to protect the world in which we live.

LC tec Series Vehicles

Lead Crystal Technology originally developed in the 50's by the US military has been commercialised by Betta Batteries with 5 exclusive patented technological innovations. Lead Crystal batteries were developed to overcome the fundamental flaws of Lead Acid, Gel and AGM batteries such as plate sulfation, active material loss, high water loss, acid pollution, short life cycle and poor transport safety.

Augusta Golf Cars and Betta Batteries International have partnered to provide a battery pack and a LCBM (Lead Crystal Battery Monitor) in order to circumvent the issues encountered when using Lead Acid batteries. Many hours of testing have proven the batteries to be robust, high performance, extremely efficient and able to deliver high capacities without performance degradation.

The batteries are constructed from 99.97% pure lead and use a unique electrolyte that is crystallised offering an extremely safe, non-hazardous sealed battery that requires zero maintenance, has extremely low sulfation and plate loss.

Due to the chemistry of the battery they have extremely low self-discharge parameters resulting in a long shelf life and simplified logistics, have a very wide operating temperature range, are 99% recyclable and come with a standard 3 year warranty with an additional 2 years offered if used in the Fleet environment with a LCMB.

The LCBM is a state of the art device capable of monitoring a number of parameters which are uploaded to the cloud. This information is available to the user via a web based application where the state of the vehicles battery voltage and current consumption, charge history, and the number of rounds played can be viewed. Any parameters that fall outside of pre-set criteria will trigger an email message to any number of recipients who can respond accordingly. The concept of repairing vehicles before they break now becomes a reality. 

LC tec series RXV's have proven to be 20% more efficient than competitor vehicles, require zero maintenance, come with a 5 Year unlimited amp hour warranty, are ecofriendly and provide consistent performance.

Making an informed buying decision

Purchasing or leasing a fleet of golf vehicles can be a daunting task; as there are plenty of considerations to make when doing so. Whilst price, operational features and specifications have a heavy bearing on the decision making process one of the most important factors is the 'useful life of the vehicle' and ultimately this is determined by 'the useful life of the battery'.

The battery enables the vehicle to perform its task which in most fleet cases is delivering 36 holes of golf on a single charge ideally for the period over which the vehicle has been leased of financed.

Lease periods are often determined based on how long a course, or manufacturer believes the vehicles can be of use, before needing to be replaced. Up until now 36 and 48 month's has been the norm.

However, advancements in battery technology has changed way we look at things.

Battery options like Elite Lithium and Lead Crystal Technology - which offer 5 year unlimited amp hour warranties and 36 holes of golf for 5 years guaranteed with zero maintenance required allow for a longer 'useful life of the battery' and therefore a longer 'useful life of the vehicle'.

So how does a potential buyer determine the best deal when looking at the product offerings put on the table, especially when the deals are not the same, or comparable as in the past?

We believe that you should be analysing the "Total Cost of Ownership" over the estimated useful life of the fleet, rather than looking at the purchase price.

So what is "Total Cost of Ownership"?

Like with many assets golf vehicles carry 'after purchase costs' such as the cost of use, the cost of maintenance and the cost of upgrading. Quite often these 'after purchase costs' are quite substantial and there is a large difference between the purchase price and the total life cycle cost, especially when ownership covers a relatively long period of time such as 3 5 years.

Shifting perspective to look at the Total Cost of Ownership rather than just the purchase price is ultimately going to be the basis for making the most informed decisions as a fleet owner.

If you would like to find out more about the Elite Lithium and Lead Crystal Technology Batteries and how they can lower your Total Cost Of Ownership The Team at Augusta Golf Cars would be thrilled to help you.

Author: Augusta Golf Cars

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