From Fairway to Roadway: The all new E-Z-GO 2Five is in Australia

Written on the 2 November 2017

Augusta Golf Cars are proud to announce the all new innovative E-Z-GO 2Five. The 2Five is the epitome of convenience and offers an array of features catering for residential and fairway use.

The incorporation of the Rabbit/Turtle switch in this unique vehicle, allows for the carts maximum speed to be lowered from 40 kph to 22 kph.

The 2Five also offers optimum control and safety with four-wheel hydraulic disc brakes; and an all new wider suspension system, which allows for the cart to handle comfortably around corners.

E-Z-GO's innovative AC drive, with full-time regenerative braking is used; enhancing the carts energy efficiency and length between charges.

The typical range of this sophisticated vehicle is 48 kilometres between charges, which permits the driver to go further than ever before; and with the backlit state of charge meter, the E-Z-GO 2Five warns drivers of low battery charge.

Not only does this vehicle boast an enormous range, but with its extremely quiet and energy efficient 48-volt electric powertrain and onboard solid state charger, carbon emissions are significantly reduced.

The 2Five is available in two and four passenger options and with the three point seatbelt system with hip restraints, fitted to all the seats, passengers can feel safe and enjoy driving on and off the course.

The 2Five is sold standard with driver side mirrors, brake lights, headlights and taillights, as well as turn indicators and flashers.
The Vehicle and the passengers are well protected with the all new front and rear 8 kph impact-resistant bumpers.

With a myriad of colours and variations available, as well as plenty optional extras, the E-Z-GO 2Five is a vehicle for just about anyone.

Watch the 2Five in action

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