Eco-smart E-Z-GO team up with PowerFilm to reduce carbon footprint.

Eco-smart E-Z-GO team up with PowerFilm to reduce carbon footprint.

Augusta Golf Cars is once again proud to announce another eco-smart solution for your golf car.

The PowerFilm Solar Panel system allows you to enhance your E-Z-GO RXV or TXT.

This system will allow for extended range, longer runtime between charges and helps reduce the carbon footprint of your vehicle.

The PowerFilm system can help reduce energy costs by up to 20 percent, compared to a vehicle without this superb technology.

The PowerFilm solar panel technology is capable of reducing up to 100 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions each year; quite a feat considering it would take two trees 10 years of growth to remove that much carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

This system is lightweight, thin and flexible. Its snap?top system, designed exclusively for E?Z?GO, allows for easy installation without requiring canopy replacement or structural reinforcement.

President of E-Z-GO, Kevin Holleran said that E?Z¬?GO’s partnership with PowerFilm aligns with their commitment to environmental excellence.

Mr. Holleran said “We are proud to offer PowerFilm as a quality solar solution to our dealers and customers seeking greener, more carbon?neutral options for powering their fleet and personal electric cars.”

If there were any doubts about the durability of the thin and flexible panels, PowerFilm shut them down after announcing that the PowerFilm solar panels are designed to military specifications.

Raymond Georgiou, Managing Director of Augusta Golf Cars said that he was proud to be able to supply such a durable and eco-friendly product to his clients.

“Solar technology is no longer prohibitively expensive; it has become a cost-effective solution for reducing energy consumption.

“These panels are aesthetically pleasing and are easy to install,” Mr. Georgiou said.

Augusta Golf Cars, master distributors for the E-Z-GO, Cushman and BadBoy buggies in Australia and the Pacific region, will have this environmentally friendly technology available for purchase and installation in March.




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