E-Z-GO's Solar Sundrive System helps successfully service Rottnest Island

Written on the 2 November 2017

Over the past few years the hospitality industry, like many other sectors, has shifted its focus to the importance of sustainable and efficient energy sources. Rottnest Island's Cleaning Providers, Spotless Cleaning Services are just one of the many companies that have been searching for new ways to make their cleaning and laundry duties on the island more efficient.

Spotless provide specialised cleaning, waste management and facility services through 3,000 commercial cleaning contracts at over 6,000 sites. Spotless, which has operations in more than 30 countries, is continually searching for ways to reduce its environmental footprint, without compromising service delivery.

Spotless Cleaning Services are contracted by the Rottnest Island authority to service the island's cleaning and laundry needs. However, with an area spanning a vast distance, from Thomson Bay to Geordie Bay, the need for an energy efficient passenger and linen transporter quickly became paramount to the cleaning company.

Enter E-Z-GO's all new Solar Sundrive system. The system features solar panels fitted to the roof of a range of E-Z-GO Vehicles. These increase the vehicles driving distance by up to 125 Kilometres, as well as reducing battery recharging times and increasing the batteries life cycle.

Augusta Golf Cars, master distributers of E-Z-GO products in Australia, suggest that these are the most powerful panels currently available and are able to increase the drive distance by 50 to 100 percent, while maintaining a focus on delivering sustainable, renewable energy with no carbon dioxide emissions.

Augusta Golf Cars describe the panels as a 'plug and go' product with all necessary electronics integrated in the roof.

In an industry that relies on efficiency, Spotless Cleaning Services are now able to service more accommodation units than ever before thanks to the efficiency and design of the EZGO vehicles and ingenuity of the Solar Sundrive system.

Spotless Cleaning Services Operations General Manager for Western Australia, Brad Walther says that the Solar Sundrive equipped vehicles have helped reduce operating costs and have most certainly increased the company's productivity on the island.

Mr Walther said "These vehicles are environmentally friendly, and that was a big stipulation in the tender submission.

"Our client [the Rottnest Island Authority] is very impressed with the vehicles."

Golf Car World, E-Z-GO's Western Australia distributor, successfully supplied Spotless, with three customized E-Z-GO 4-Seater shuttles, which not only cater for the hospitality sector with industry specific additions, but allow the company to provide a sustainable and efficient means of transport.

Coupled with the Sundrive Solar system, the 4-Seater shuttles supplied to Spotless include additions such as: customised aluminium cabinet with adjustable shelves and a tray with rear tailgate, three double sized mop and broom holders mounted in the rear tray, as well as a customized linen trailer with window panelled vinyl covers.

Jay Wilhelm, Director of Golf Car World said that he is proud to be able to provide eco-friendly services to companies like Spotless.

Mr Wilhelm said, "The Solar Sundrive system is suitable for vehicles used in various industries.

"These vehicles are able to achieve a full day's work, covering large distances without the concerns of having to be recharged or losing efficiency."

"This new technology has enhanced our ability to demonstrate our awareness and concern for the environment."

For further information on this new energy saver call Golf Car World on: 08 9244 1727
Augusta Golf Cars on: 07 3807 8895 




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