Augusta Golf Cars and Withcott Seedlings: Reaping the Rewards of the RXV

Written on the 15 July 2013 by Augusta Golf Cars

Augusta Golf Cars recently supplied Withcott Seedlings with a fleet of E-Z-GO RXV's to help mobilise their workforce.

Withcott Seedlings - a major commercial supplier of vegetable seedlings to the East coast of Australia contacted Augusta Golf Cars in need of a solution to help keep costs down, by saving labour hours on the 30 Hectare Nursery.

The company which is renowned for its innovative quality management systems, environmental water recycling infrastructure and inventive horticultural techniques identified a fleet of RXV's to be a cost effective solution in keeping their work force mobile.

Mike Hindle, CEO of Withcott Seedlings said that the company had a specific need to efficiently and effectively mobilise their workforce (consisting of roughly 100 people) around our nursery site of approximately 30 Ha.

Mr Hindle said "The transport options offered by E-Z-GO vehicles provided all of our requirements from people carriers to utilities that carry up to 250 kg."

"The team at Augusta were very easy to deal with and listened to what our needs were. I believe Augusta provided us with not only a viable commercial option but a solution that is functionally superior for our situation."

Matthew Harth - Human Resources manager for Withcott Seedlings was kind enough to Show us around the facility just outside of Toowoomba.



Author: Augusta Golf Cars

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