A Helping hand for a worthy cause

Written on the 2 November 2017

Augusta Golf Cars are proud to announce our involvement as a supporter of the TSS Sony Foundation children's holiday camp.

Augusta Golf Cars will be supplying the camp with seven vehicles to help the camp operate with the necessary efficiency needed.

The TSS Sony children's holiday camp is offered to children with special needs aged between four and 14 years old.

The four day camp allows for youngsters to form bonds and friendships with student companions, and has proven to provide an enriching life changing experience for those involved.

The camp has also helped provide much needed respite to parents and daily carers whose lives revolve around 24-hour care. This allows for a weekend to relax and spend quality time with other family members.

Co-Chairman of the TSS Sony Foundation children's holiday camp, Steven Bear said that the carts supplied by Augusta Golf Cars allow for the camp to function to a level that allows for it to continue offering more places each year.

Mr Bear said "As you know the size of the campus creates the challenge of moving 80 plus people around, and the carts that Augusta Golf Cars provide us with, allows this to happen with the minimum amount of fuss."

Director of Augusta Golf Cars, Nico Schutte said that the TSS Sony foundation offer a fantastic service and that Augusta Golf Cars are happy to help make it as fun and as enjoyable as possible.

Mr Schutte said "This will be our second year providing vehicles to the camp,"

"Augusta Golf Cars are happy to contribute in making this camp successful."

This year Augusta Golf Cars are supplying three 4 seater vehicles, two 6 seaters and 2 utility vehicles to help the camp run as smoothly as possible.

If you wish to find out more information about the camp click here


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