'Stealth Buggy' on Keswick Island

Written on the 2 November 2017

'Stealth Buggy' on Keswick Island

E-Z-GO's all new 2Five is making waves in the Whitsundays. Augusta Golf Cars recently provided Keswick Island holiday retreat, Geckos, with E-Z-GO's most innovative vehicle to date.

The quaint and quiet retreat, which is situated in the southern Whitsundays islands, purchased the E-Z-GO 2Five for its safety features, quiet operation, comfort and its unique AC drive motor configuration.

Kevin Boyle, owner of Geckos, stated that he was extremely pleased with the performance of the 2Five and found the power delivery and climbing ability particularly noteworthy.

Mr Boyle said "The stopping ability of the 2Five is excellent and the fact that it locks in park, when you stop motion, is a great safety feature.

"As Geckos is on top of the island we were particularly impressed with the ability to recharge on downhill runs." said Mr Boyle.

Other safety features such as roll bars, front and rear safety belts as well as the rabbit/turtle speed switch have made the resort comfortable in providing the 2Five for guest usage.

Mr Boyle said "The 2Five is very smart in appearance and the accessories complement this. The windscreen wiper works well, the lighting is excellent and the ride is impressive. These standard features help give a feeling of luxury to this golf cart.

"The unit is whisper quiet and as we regard the island as a peaceful retreat, this was in keeping with the atmosphere of the island. Due, partly to this and to its black colour our 2Five has been dubbed the 'stealth buggy'.

The 2Five was provided to the island getaway with a matching trailer, which according to Mr Boyle shows no great difference to the performance of the vehicle when loaded with luggage and provisions.

If this vehicle sounds like something your business could use, contact Augusta Golf Cars on: 07 3807 8895

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