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Welcome to the E-Z-GO March Newsletter  NO:00005

The letter “M” can be associated with the words Month, March or Money all of which in our world means “Maintenance” . Our focus in the Month of March is all about MAINTENANCE.

The formal definition of the word Maintenance is “the work of keeping something in a proper working condition”. Again in our world the word Maintenance is better defined as “lower operating costs, reduced loss of operating income, enhanced customer satisfaction, retention of market value and reduction of costs relating to return conditions at expiry of rental or operating lease agreements”.

Being in the business of selling large numbers of fleets of golf cars, we are able to monitor and measure the incidence and types of warranty claims made by the various operators of fleets of golf cars. We are often puzzled why some operators have that many more claims compared to others. We decided to conduct some case studies of certain users of fleets to try and understand why this inconsistency exists amongst our base of fleet owners. One of these studies is the subject of a featured article in this months’ news letter.

There is no doubt that the common denominator amongst the operators of fleets with the lowest claim rate is the proper caring of fleets by carrying out regular and proper  maintenance - regular and proper maintenance equates to less warranty claims and ultimately achieves all of those benefits associated with our definition of the word  “MAINTENANCE” as described above.

In an effort to encourage this practice we are offering an additional discount to all those owners of golf cars, fleets or otherwise, who book  during the month of March, a service to be carried out by an accredited EZGO technician by no later than the end of the current financial year (30 June 2012).
Click here for Terms and Conditions.  

There sometimes exists a misconception that “Less Maintenance” means “No Maintenance” - this could not be further from reality - any product needs to be properly maintained to ensure proper performance and to ensure warranty programs sold with the product are not prejudiced. This principle applies to golf cars as well.

Raymond Georgiou,
MD of Augusta Golf Cars P/L

Featured Articles
Lakelands Golf Club reaping the benefits of Fleet Maintenance
The Fleet of E-Z-GO RXV’s at Lakelands Golf Club are particularly well looked after and are maintained in accordance with the manufacturers requirements. However, Lakelands Golf Club has shown that they go above and beyond these requirements to keep their fleet in the best possible condition.
Augusta Golf Cars decided to investigate Lakelands Golf Club’s Maintenance schedule and procedure checklist to see what they are doing to keep these vehicles so well maintained. Read More...
The E-Z-GO RXV: Still reigning supreme

Since its inception, the E-Z-GO RXV has been at the forefront of quality golfing vehicles.

This vehicle has gained distinction among golfing facilities and their clients, and has over its four year tenure, become the envy of many golf vehicle manufacturers. Read more...


Featured Products

This Bad Boy is really good: The Bad Boy Ambush 

Augusta Golf Cars are proud to announce the Bad Boy Ambush to their line-up of spectacular specialty vehicles.

This highly innovative vehicle features Dual Drive Technology, allowing the driver to choose between petrol and electric. 


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Featured Clients
Welcome to team RXV: Virginia Golf Club
Virginia Golf Club has joined the ranks of Australia’s leading golfing establishments that utilize E-Z-GO RXV’s as their chosen fleet vehicle.
Head Pro Shayn Barnham said "I know I've made a good choice, our members and guests love the new carts, their features and even the colour!  When the customers are happy, I'm happy!" Read More...
E-Z-GO: The driving force on Coco’s islands.
Coco’s, which consist of two Atolls and 27 coral islands, is located roughly half way between Australia and Sri Lanka.
Golf Car World has supplied the island with 26 E-Z-GO vehicles including: Shuttles, ST Express’, MPT’s and E-Z-GO RXV’s. Read More...
Featured used Cars

Used E-Z-GO TXT for Sale

Have a look at these pristine 2007 E-Z-GO TXT's for sale. These vehicles come with Esky's, Battery Chargers, sand bottles, wheel covers and club and ball washers.

Have a look at our video or


Used RXV Freedom’s in stock!!!

Augusta Golf Cars are pleased to announce that second hand E-Z-GO RXV’s, the premium golf car, are now available for purchase.

The vehicles, which have been converted from E-Z-GO Fleet RXV’s into E-Z-GO Freedom RXV’s are both reliable and stylish. Read More...


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Events Calendar
E-Z-GO are the proud naming sponsor for the PGA Legends tour 
This Month's PGA Legends event:
The NZ PGA Senior Championship
Dates: Mar 01, 2012 to Mar 03, 2012
Venue: Wairakei + Sanctuary
Prize Money: $ 50, 000
The Australian Turfgrass Conference and Trade Exhibition
Join Augusta Golf Cars at the 28th Australian Turfgrass Conference and Trade Exhibition to be held at the Melbourne convention and exhibition centre from 4 - 8 June.


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Did you know that E-Z-GO are proud supporters of the following charities and organisations?:
Adam Scott Foundation:  E-Z-GO supply the event golf cars for the Adam Scott Foundation charity events. Click here to find out more.
Gold Coast Academy of Sport: E-Z-GO proudly sponsor the Gold Coast Academy of Sport's Golf Program. Click here to find out more.
On Course Golf:  E-Z-GO is the preferred Golf Car supplier. Click here to find out more.